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About me.

I'm John! I'm a 3/4 Computer Science major at Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ.

Programming is one of my greatest passions; I am always looking for ways to further develop my skills and branch out of my comfort zone. My main area of interest is currently mobile applications development for iOS with SwiftUI. I am also interested in systems programming and web programming.

My coursework, self-study, and work experience has helped me develop a broad skillset. My coursework has included data structures and algorithms, systems, computer architecture, and PL theory. I am currently working as a Course Assistant for CS 496 (Principles of Programming Languages) at Stevens Institute of Technology. You can find more details about my coursework and teaching experience on my LinkedIn page.

I have always loved learning, and always will. I am confident that this will drive me to learn and adapt to as many new technologies as I can. Throughout my career, it is my goal to always continue learning and innovating.

Project spotlight.

Pure Swift/SwiftUI App

A simple app for keeping track of homework assignments. Add classes, assignments, due dates, and notifications. Separate from my coursework and self-taught with online resources and documentation from Apple.

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SimpleMusic Transfer
Swift/Web API Playlist Transfer App

SimpleMusic is an app that allows users to match and transfer playlists across platforms. Built using SwiftUI, SwiftData, MusicKit, and the Spotify Web API, SimpleMusic provides an easy-to-use interface that makes transferring playlists straightforward.

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